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Direct Enquiries - Help

Customising Direct Enquiries

We appreciate that everyone has different requirements when it comes to viewing websites, consequently Direct Enquiries has been designed so that you can change the way the data is presented to you. This is achieved by changing the size of the text and colour scheme of the pages. This is all done on the ‘Access Options’ page, which you can get to via the link on the top right of all page throughout the site.

Image of Access Options Page

For example, if you would prefer to view the screen with yellow text on a black background then you could do so by selecting the ‘Yellow on Black Scheme’. To do this just click the corresponding link on the access page.

To increase or decrease the size of the text throughout Direct Enquiries you just keep pressing the ‘Bigger Text’ and ‘Smaller Text’ buttons until you are happy with the text size.

If at any time you wish to return to the default settings, please select ‘Standard Scheme’ and the ‘Standard Text’ button.

NB: You can also change the text size within your browser.

Direct Enquiries Access Keys Information

Details of our access keys are also included on the Access Option page. These can either be found by scrolling down the page or clicking on the ‘access keys information’ link in the first section of text.