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Member Sign In

Image of member sign in page

Once you have registered, you may sign in using the ‘Member sign in’ link situated in the 'Direct Enquiries Members' section in the right hand navigation section on the home page.

If at any time you forget your password you can click the ‘Password Hint’ button on this screen. This will provide the hint that you created when originally registering as a member. However, for this to be possible you do need to type in your full email address.

For example, when registering you could choose your favourite colour or your mother’s maiden name as a password. By pressing the ‘Password Hint’ button, the password reminder will be visible beneath the ‘Email’ textbox.

The ‘Automatic login to site’ radio button determines whether you wish Direct Enquiries to remember your login settings. If you select ‘Yes’ at this stage, you would not need to log in each time you visit. This is particularly useful for frequent visitors.