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Direct Enquiries - Help

Searching by category (Business Type search)

To search Direct Enquiries by business type, you type a business category into the ‘Find me a’ box in the search area on the home page. (By default, the text in this textbox will be ‘Business Type’),

You then enter the location in which to search – a postcode, a town or a county;
e.g. BH1 or RG12 1JB, Bournemouth or Dorset respectively, in the textbox labelled ‘In where:’. (By default, the text in this textbox will be ‘Location’). Pressing the ‘Go Find’ button subsequently executes the search.

If your search criteria returns more than one possible category, then a category selection screen is displayed where you need to select the category you wish to search for.

Image of category selection screen

After selecting from the category selection screen, Direct Enquiries then displays the search results page. If however a location has not been entered at this stage the ‘In where:’ page would be displayed for you to enter your location.

Please note that you can change your original search criteria at this stage if you wish.

The title of the search box on the ‘In where:’ screen becomes that of your chosen category, in this example, ‘Hotels & Inns’.

Image of location selection screen

NB: You can change your access and facilities requirements at this stage by selecting or de-selecting the symbols as required.

With the location details entered correctly, you can now search the register. To do this, click the ‘Go Find’ button.

Multiple Possible Locations

If you have chosen to search for a place with more than one possible match then a location selection screen is displayed where you must select the location you wish to search for.

For example, if you searched for Farnham you would be presented with a list of options. e.g. Farnham, Waverley and Farnham Common, South Bucks.

Image of location selection screen

The search results page will be displayed after selecting the location of your choice from the list.

Image of search results screen