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Direct Enquiries - Help

Searching for a specific business (Name search)

In order to search the register for a specific business you type in the name or part name, of the business you are looking for in the ‘or a Business named:’ textbox, e.g. Direct Enquiries. You can then enter a location in the ‘In where:’ textbox, e.g. Bracknell, Berkshire or RG12. Alternatively, you could choose to leave the ‘in where:’ textbox empty.

NB: When searching by company name, if only one match is found then the search results for that company will be displayed. If more than one result is found for that particular search then you will be required to enter a location and presented with the ‘In Where:’ textbox

Searching for a specific business works in a similar way to searching by category. However, by entering part of the business or service name, the Direct Enquiries search engine would return a list of matches that contain your search text as part of its title. (NB: A minimum of three characters should be entered for this to be effective)

For example, keying in the word “Direct” would bring back all business with the word “Direct” in it's title, e.g. Direct Enquiries, Direct Company (for example), Directions UK (for example) and so on.

By doing this, a screen will be displayed with all the possible matches where you can select the one you wish to view details for.

Image of search results screen