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Understanding your search results

The search results screen is separated out into three areas; search results analysis, company search results and additional information.

Search results analysis: This shows what you have searched for, how many results were found and the distance (in km) that the nearest match was found.

The ‘Increase search area’ link is displayed in this area if more than one location is found for your search.

Company search results: This shows the address details and the access and facilities symbols for the business you have selected. By hovering over these symbols with the mouse cursor, a description of each symbol will be given.

There are also a number of links on this page; more information, add to favourites and give feedback.

Image of a company's search results

Moving beneath the access and facilities symbols are the following links (from top to bottom):

  • View Access Assessment: A registered business can create access assessments to detail all the facilities that they currently offer and precise details relating to the access within the building(s). These assessments can be viewed by clicking this link (if applicable – not all businesses use this facility. The link is only displayed if an access assessment has been created by the business for the location you are interested in.)

  • More Information: Clicking this link will take you to a page that displays detailed information about the business. Potentially the most important area of the search results, this page can include specific details regarding company policies, repairs, announcements or future enhancements for example. The More Information page is detailed in the ‘More Information Pages’ link.

  • Add Favourites: By clicking this link you can add the location to a folder of favourites so you can quickly check back next time you visit the site. This feature is explained in the ‘Understanding my Favourites’ link. (NB: this feature is for members only - registration is free to all users)

  • Give Feedback: By clicking this link you can feedback your comments to the head office of the business. Feedback is explained in the ‘leaving feedback for a company’ link.

Moving away from the right hand side of the screen, on the left underneath the address details are the following links:

- Website: a link to the website of the company registered.

- Location Map: Registered companies can choose to create a link to a map of how to get to the premises. This option is only displayed if a company has set up this map link.

NB: On the search results page shown on this page you can choose to increase your search area or change your original search criteria completely