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Direct Enquiries - Help

Widening your search area

By default the Direct Enquiries search engine looks for results that are nearest (in distance) to your original search location.

To begin with, Direct Enquiries searches within 5km of your selected location.
If no matches are found, the system automatically increases the search area in 3km denominations, up to 15km or until a match is found. If a match is still not found then you can choose to widen the search area by clicking the ‘Increase search area’ link. Alternatively, you could change your search criteria altogether.

If no matches are found, increasing the search area widens the results by 15km at a time, up to a total radius of 105km or until a match is found, e.g. 15km, 30km, 45km. For each 15km denomination you would need to click the ‘Increase search area’ link.

Please note: You can keep increasing the search area until 30 matches are returned at which point the ‘Increase search area’ link would no longer be displayed. In this scenario you must page through the results if you want to see more than twenty results.

Image of results page with more than 20 results

20 results are displayed at a time. To page through the records you must use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ links at the bottom right hand corner of the search results page. NB: You can also change your search criteria at this point.

Image of results page with more than 20 results