Direct Enquiries The Nationwide Disabled Access Register
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Adam Loverage, LloydsTSB Bank

"LloydsTSB exists to provide financial services to all of our customers, regardless of any additional service needs they might have. Every year we spend thousands of pounds improving access to our branches and services for customers with disabilities. Yet without telling people what is available this money might as well not have been spent. Promoting what is on offer in a format that is accessible to everyone is vital. Doing this in a way that allows people to specify their own particular additional service needs, and to search for places that meet those needs, makes even more sense. Imagine the frustration caused by turning up and discovering that although you can get in, there is no ground floor interview room. By clearly detailing what facilities are available at all of our locations, we can help make sure that this does not happen. Registering on Direct Enquiries is an excellent way of achieving this."