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Arnold Clark Ford Linwood - FORD


Ford Complex, Phoenix House
Phoenix Business Park

t: 01418428585

Access and facilities

Facilities for the partially sighted or blindAssisted wheelchair accessFacilities for the mobility impairedCustomer toilet facilitiesAccessible toiletsFacilities for hard of hearing people.Customer parking facilitiesAccessible car parkingStaff assistance availableLow Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pinLow Reception/Information counters available.Automatic doors presentParent with pushchair accessBaby changing facilitiesAccessible baby changing facilitiesHome visit available.Trade-in available


Affordability with Motability

You can drive away a brand new car by exchanging your weekly Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement. That means for around £46 a week you get:

  • Over 3,000 brand new cars to choose from
  • Insurance & road tax
  • Regular servicing, maintenance & RAC breakdown cover
  • Free replacement tyres
  • Free windscreen replacement
  • An increased allowance of 60,000 miles over 3 years
  • And you don't have to drive

A trained Motability specialist will be able to advise you on which car is right for you and when you're ready, place your order for you. Our trained specialists are located in ordinary dealerships, local to you, and there are over 4,500 Motability dealerships across the UK.

When it's this easy to get a brand new car, it’s no wonder over 500,000 people are already enjoying worry-free motoring with Motability. And don’t forget, the cost of this package can be met by your allowance.

If you're interested in a brand new Motability car please get in touch today, simply call 0800 694 9000 (lines are open daily, 8am to 8pm) and speak to one of our friendly advisors or pop in and talk to your local dealer. Alternatively, you can request an information pack by visiting our website,

Do you or your staff offer assistance to any customer who may require it? Yes
Have any of your staff had disability equality training? Yes
Do any of your staff speak an alternative language? No

Parking Provision

Do you have your own off road customer parking area? Yes
If Yes, do you have any designated accessible parking spaces? Yes
If Yes, how many accessible spaces do you have? 3 spaces
If you own your own off-road customer parking, do you have any allocated parent/child parking spaces? No
Can you get to the showroom from the car park without crossing a road? Yes

Drop Point

Is there a safe drop-off point within 50 metres of the branch? Yes
Where is the nearest safe drop-off point? There is a drop off point outside the main entrance.

Location Approach

Is the outside of the building well lit? Yes
Is there anything about the approach to your building that may cause difficulty for customers? No
Can a wheelchair user get access to all vehicles displayed on the forecourt? Yes


Do you have more than one customer entrance into your building? No
Which is the most accessible entrance for wheelchair users/parents with double buggies? Main

Main Entrance

Steps, Handrails and Ramps

To enter the building will a customer encounter Stairs\Steps, Ramps, Lifts or is it all level? All Level

Main Entrance - Intercom

Do you have an intercom to attract attention? No

Main Entrance - Door

Is the threshold level or is there a lip more than 15mm? Lip
Is the entrance via a single or double door? Double
Is the doorway wide enough for a wheelchair user to go through? Yes
Is the door able to open fully? Yes
Are the doors left open? Yes
Doors are left open weather permitting.
Is the door automatic? Yes
Are the doors glass? Yes
If yes, are there any markings to prevent a partially sighted person walking into the door? Yes

Main Entrance - Parents with Push chairs

Parents with Push chairs Yes

Inside the building

Once inside your building can a wheelchair user get to all customer areas or make use of your service unaided? Yes
Once inside your building can a person with a mobility impairment get to all customer areas or make use of your service unaided? Yes
Can all new vehicles be inspected from within the showroom? Yes
Are you able to offer a home visit for a vehicle demonstration? Yes
Once inside, can a wheelchair user get to the payment counters (for example low counters) or can you provide an alternative such as portable chip and pin machine, a lap tray or a clipboard? Yes
Please detail what you are able to offer? There is a low counter and there are 3 portable chip and pin machines available for customers.
Once inside, can a wheelchair user get to the reception/information counter (low counters)? Yes
Is there an accessible office or area offering privacy? Yes

Building floors

Is your business on more than one floor? No
Do you have any customer areas that people will have to use steps to get to? No


Do you have an area where people can sit down and rest should they need to? Yes
Are refreshments available? Yes
Are refreshments complimentary? Yes
Is there a play area for children? Yes
Is the play area supervised? No
Is there an area where a wheelchair or pushchair can be left during a test drive? Yes

Other Services

Can you provide any other service or facility for partially sighted or blind people? Yes
Please detail the service or facilities you provide? Staff can use their computers to increase the text size of documents for visually impaired customers.
Have you got any induction loops for hard of hearing people? No
Can you offer any sign language interpreters? No
Can you provide any other service or facility for hard of hearing people or deaf people? Yes
How would you assist a hard of hearing or a deaf person, to use your business? Staff would be able to communicate with pen and paper.

Customer Toilets

Do you offer customer toilets? Yes
Have they been adapted to allow a wheelchair user to use them? Yes
Is the access to the toilets kept clear? No
Are the toilets on level access? Yes
Are the toilet doors automatic? No
Do the toilet doors open in, out or are they sliding? Sliding
Can a wheelchair user get in and shut the door? Yes
Can a wheelchair be reversed alongside the toilet? Yes
Is there room for a large electric wheelchair? Yes
Are there grab rails present? Yes
Is the toilet roll holder within easy reach? Yes
Is there an assistance alarm present? Yes

Baby Changing Facilities

Do you provide baby changing facilities? Yes
Are these facilities accessible for a wheelchair user? Yes
Is the baby changing facilities low enough for a wheelchair user? Yes
Where are your baby changing facilities located? Unisex Accessible toilet

Other Details

Fire Evacuation, please detail how you will meet the needs of disabled customers in the event of a fire: Customers would be evacuated out of the building with staff assistance if needed.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Home visit available. Home visit available for a vehicle demonstration
  • Trade-in Available
    This dealership offers the option of trading in your current car as part payment towards the Advance Payment on your new Motability Scheme car. Trading in your car is one of the many options available to you as a means of disposing of your existing car. It is important to note that a trade-in arrangement and contract is agreed between yourself and the dealer, Motability Operations has no involvement in a trade-in transaction.